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In his book “The Magic of Making Up” T W Jackson presents a plan that you can follow very easily. It is crammed with Magic of Making Uppractical and usable information. Not much is left to chance and each step is carefully timed to successfully get your ex back and maintain your relationship or save your marriage. Get taken by the hand and shown exactly what you need to do and what needs to be said to get your ex lover back in your arms and rebuild your relationship-

Especially if you are the only one trying…


Discover the most common, hidden reasons that make lovers leave. These are crucial, core reasons that must be understood. These are the reasons, the principles if you like, that cause relationships to fail.

There Are NO Impossible Situations

Now, what I have noticed in helping so many folks, is that there are UNDERLYING REASONS and MOTIVES as to why their exes take them back…that lay hidden from sight of most people…

And once you know and UNDERSTAND and are given just a little guidance on what to do and when to do it…it is like being handed “the recipe” for love if you will…

Because not only will you be able to get your ex back, you also will be much better equipped to KEEP THEM long, long into the future…


Head straightening time! You will never get your lover back if you are needy, angry or depressed.

Find out how you can suppress panicky feelings, calm down and start to strategize about your relationship.


You will take a look INTO YOUR relationship and apply the PROVEN plan with all the methods and techniques that will win back YOUR lover.

Obviously you’re interested in relighting the flame of ROMANCE or you would’nt be reading this page. But is this the right decision? You’ll learn to evaluate whether or not this relationship is worth saving, or it’s really time to move on.

Is This Just Hype? You have every right to ask that very important question.

Here’s PROOF This Works

The best way I know to prove to you that these techniques really work is by giving you some free samples and by showing you testimonials from guys and gals that have already used these techniques successfully.

Now, I also figured that instead of giving you some useless sample… Why not ?…make it something you could really use RIGHT NOW? Something that would really be helpful. So here is a little video of Jackson explaining the very first steps you should take immediately after a break up:

1st Step To Stopping A Break Up

What if I order and for some reason it just doesn’t work for me?

It is my opinion, like we talked about earlier that there really is no impossible situation, but I have been wrong before and if for some weird reason it doesn’t work for you…or even if you are not absolutely delighted FOR ANY REASON…please, I WANT you to get a refund. In fact, you have a full 60 days before you have to decide. How cool is that?

Additional Important Content

  • What should be said as well as what shouldn’t is covered .
  • Discover the TELL TALE clues your ex leaves that says you still have a special place in their heart…and I don’t care what they say… This is all you need to look for PERIOD!
  • The fastest and shortest path (bar none) back into their heart, mind and soul.
  • Wish you could start over? Take away hurtful things you said? Turn back time? Using a combination of the Clean Slate Method and “breaking the pattern” you can. Quickly and easily .
  • Take the heat out of arguments and stop them before they start, and it only takes one person!
  • How to get your head on straight. Use my Fast Forward Technique and get instant relief from emotional break-up pain and depression…You CAN feel better and within minutes!

Special “customers only” contact address within the manual for advice directly from T Dub

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